Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Flexible and Conformable Metasurfaces

The Flexible and Conformable Metasurfaces Special Interest Group (SIG) focuses on the challenges and opportunities offered by removing the constraints associated with traditional rigid devices, deforming metasurfaces in space and time, and tailoring their shape to complex topologies required by advanced applications.

For example, a flexible metasurfaces can be stretched, bent, rolled-up and wrapped around non-flat geometries to tune and add functionalities to existing devices, drastically relieving the fabrication requirements. Most importantly, flexible metasurfaces offer a direct route for large scale and high throughput manufacturing.

This SIG aims to accelerate the translation of metasurface technology to industrially relevant applications, through thematic workshops that bring together industry representatives and academics, and through promoting and training ECRs and students, e.g. through summer school sessions and hands-on training events.


Andrea di Falco
University of St Andrews

Sebastian Schulz
University of St Andrews