Horizon Scanning and Disruptive Concepts

In the future, fundamental discoveries in metamaterial science will enable technologies impossible to achieve using commonly available materials. Many of these innovations are already coming to market, from flat lenses to running-shoe soles, but most metamaterial science remains to be exploited.

The Horizon Scanning Forum works to identify emerging concepts and disruptive opportunities in metamaterial science and engineering. It bridges all domains of metamaterials design, from electromagnetics to mechanics and acoustics, providing a cross-disciplinary ground for metamaterial innovation.

The Forum focuses on finding challenges for developing new metamaterial technology that can be addressed though suitable UK Metamaterials Network activities. These activities include the development of new Special Interest Groups, and workshops focused on translating fundamental science into technological innovation and on bringing researchers together from across different subdomains.


Nina Meinzer
Nature Physics

Anton Souslov
University of Bath