Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Mechanical Metamaterials

The Mechanical Metamaterials (MM) Special Interest Group (SIG) covers topics related to the design, modelling, testing and prototyping of metamaterials that feature unusual deformation mechanisms.

Examples of MM exhibiting these features include negative and extreme Poisson’s ratio, thermal expansion, stiffness and compressibility. Applications of mechanical metamaterials are in the areas of soft robotics, shape morphing, vibroacoustics, energy absorption and structural integrity.
The relation between the materials constituents and the architecture of the mechanical metamaterials is of particular interest to this Group. Origami/Kirigami engineering, lattice designs and metacomposites are all technologies and topics that this Special Interest Group is keen to foster during the activities of the Network.

The Group is also interested in discussing modelling and design techniques, as well as prototyping and production aspects in collaboration with other relevant SIGs.


Fabrizio Scarpa
University of Bristol