Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Acoustic Metamaterials

The Special Interest Group (SIG) for Acoustic Metamaterials (SIGAM) is concerned with the development of metamaterial devices to create control of sound and elastic wave vibration using subwavelength resonators.

The SIG will also maintain an interest in related areas such as phononic crystal, and other structured media as well as treated acoustics in the broader sense to involve elastic metamaterials such as seismic and ground vibration devices.

The SIG interfaces with the active electromagnetic metamaterials and antenna community to ensure that ideas flow freely from one area to the other. Applications to sound proofing, redirection of acoustic fields, lensing and negative refraction media will all fall within the initial remit of the SIG.

The principal function of the SIGAM is to provide a forum for researchers, practitioners and users of acoustic metamaterials, covering analysis, modelling, design and validation, across all possible applications of acoustic metamaterials.

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SIGAM was established by the EPSRC UK Acoustics Network (UKAN; EP/R005001/1) in 2017, and has formed a very strong membership body since. It’s landing page is homed under UKAN: https://acoustics.ac.uk/sigs/metamaterials/

With the formation of the EPSRC UK Metamaterials Network we have set up a joint governance of this SIG to ensure the community is part of one big endeavour.  Activities coordination is taking place through the SIG leads across both networks to reduce duplication of database building and GDPR conflicts.

Please use the UKAN signup form to join this SIG: https://acoustics.ac.uk/signup


Gianluca Memoli
University of Sussex

Tim Starkey
University of Exeter