Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Manufacturing and Scale Up

The Manufacturing and Scale Up (MSU) Special Interest Group (SIG) focuses on activities related to manufacturing of metamaterials, particularly with a view to scale-up of activities from lab to factory. We are interested in manufacturing of metamaterials with any end-use application and across all feature and product length scales.

We are committed to supporting more effective transfer of knowledge from metamaterials researchers to industrial manufacturing, and to drawing in new manufacturing-focused academics and industrialists into the metamaterials community.

As our activities are so closely related to the interests of other SIGs, we will work in close collaboration with all the other SIGs to promote the discussion of manufacturing related issues of metamaterial designs from an early stage in their development.

In this way we will strengthen the ability of metamaterials designers to realise the structures required and provide new opportunities for manufacturing metamaterial products for manufacturing specialists.


Claire Dancer
University of Warwick

Nicholas Grant
University of Warwick