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Space & Aviation

The focus of the Space & Aviation Challenge is to identify, develop and apply metamaterials solutions to a broad range of priorities which align with UK, European and other Space agency goals, such as supporting Space science and Earth observation, making access to Space sustainable, safe and easy and providing a resilient and fair-for-all communication infrastructure. The first of two themes in this challenge is Spacecraft Performance, which is further sub-divided into Communication, Propulsion, Power generation, Impact protection, Structural response and Thermal control. The second theme is Observation and Sensing, which includes all aspects of observation and sensing associated with space applications, including observation of the near and far space environment from space and the ground, observation of Earth from Space and spacecraft operational sensing.

The Space & Aviation challenge brings together expertise from a diverse range of academics, industries and other stakeholders, from across all of the network’s SIGs and beyond. One of its key components is to work with stakeholders to identify potential application areas and to ensure that resulting metamaterial solutions overcome the barriers for use in Space. Another is to directly make connections between researchers in academia and relevant stakeholders and support relevant research applications


Simon Pope
University of Sheffield

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