Previous Event Slides

We want the insights and research presented at our events to be accessible to a larger audience than just those who are able to attend so we’ve gathered the slides from previous events here for you to reflect on at a timeline that works for you.

Please be aware that files have been converted to PDF format so you may experience some slight formatting issues such as videos not loading.

UK Metamaterials Network Conference 2023 (Wotton House, 11th – 15th June 2023)

Tom Allen, Manchester Metropolitan University – ”Metamaterials for Health: Introduction’

Calum Williams, University of Cambridge – ‘Metamaterials for Health’

Olly Duncan, Manchester Metropolitan University – ‘Metamaterials for Healthy Living’

Marc Douglas, World Rugby – ‘Player Welfare’


Simon Pope, University of Sheffield – ‘Metamaterials for Space: Introduction’

Mauro Augelli, UK Space Agency – ‘Metamaterials in Space: Exploring the UK Landscape, Challenges, Opportunities, and Perspectives’

Neelam Mughal, Innovate UK – ‘UK civil space technology roadmap and the opportunities and challenges for materials’

Themos Kallos, META® – ‘Design and Manufacturing of Transparent Antennas for Satellite Communications’

Matthew Santer, Imperial College London – ‘Structural Metamaterials for frequency control and vibration mitigation during launch’

Will Whittow, Loughborough University – ‘Metamaterial antennas challenges and opportunities for space applications’

Kai Sun, University of Southampton – ‘Metamaterials for spacecraft thermal control’

Sebastian Schulz, University of St Andrews – ‘Metamaterials for optical communication and imaging, opportunities and challenges’


Zaffie Cox, EPSRC – ‘Environmentally Sustainable Materials’

Raphaëlle Haywood, University of Exeter – ‘Tackling global issues as an academic’

Otto Muskens, University of Southampton – ‘Thermochromics and phase-change technologies for sustainable photonics’

Katie Shanks, University of Exeter – ‘Opportunities for metamaterials in optics for solar energy’

Deborah Greaves, University of Plymouth – ‘Metamaterials for Wave Energy Harvesting’

Iris Nandhakumar, University of Southampton – ‘Heat transport in 3D nanostructured metamaterials’

Robert Hicken, University of Exeter – ‘Non-volatile magnetic components for low-loss electronics and photonics’


Bruno Reynolds, Oxentia – ‘Pathways into commercialising research’

Paul Alderton, Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) – ‘DASA – Funding Innovation’

Sandy Fisher John, Ploughshare – ‘Ploughshare – Commercialisation for Impact’