Summer student projects 2022

The UK’s Defence and Science Technology Laboratory (Dstl) will be funding 5 summer student projects in the field of metamaterials across a few UK Universities in 2022.


Project list:

  1. A Quantum Graph Approach-to-Metamaterial-Design-for-Cloaking-Applications (University of Nottingham; Tristan Lawrie & Gregor Tanner
  2. Design of multi-frequency acoustic metamaterials (University of Nottingham; Rafael Fuentes Dominguez & Matt Clark
  3. Frequency filtering with multiple scattering in resonators clusters (University of Sheffield; Kevish Napal & Artur Gower
  4. High permeability ferrite antennas for microwave band communications (University of Exeter; Katie Lewis & Feodor Ogrin
  5. Schroeder diffusers for elastic waves (University of Exeter; Gregory Chaplain & Timothy Starkey


Eligibility: Due to funder restrictions, these projects are available to UK nationals only.

Project duration: 6 – 8 weeks (summer 2022).  Please indicate in the application form linked below when you may be able to start at the earliest, and when you will have to finish the project at the latest. We aim to agree the final project times with the successful candidates in line with their availability.

Salary: minimum wage, 37h/week



If you are interested in multiple projects, please submit a response for each of them to explain your interests, what you would bring to the table, and what you hope to learn.

Application deadline: 18 March 2022

Interviews/outcomes: Interviews with the project leads will take place in late March / early April, and places will be confirmed shortly after the interview, aiming for mid-April at the latest.

Points of contact:

If you are interested in a project for which you would need to relocate if you are the successful candidate, we can discuss financial support from the UK Metamaterials Network towards the additional accommodation costs during the project duration.