Mr Brian Bilenberg
NIL Technology ApS
Founder / EVP Mastering

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EBL, Dry etching, Replication, Nanoimprint lithography, Optics design, optical testing

Scientific focus and expertise:
Optical elements/modules based on diffractive and meta optics, Optical design, Optical testing,

Materials class:
Polymers, high refractive index materials, Silicon, TiO2

metaoptics, meta optical elements, diffractive optical elements, augmented reality, surface relief waveguides, projector systems, nanofabrication, 3D sensing systems, imaging, lenses, mobile pones

Market Sector:
Communication (optics for telecom, 1550 nm) Electronics and Photonics (3D sensing, imaging, waveguides) Transport (Lidar)


Special Interest Group(s):
Active Metamaterials
Manufacturing and Scale Up
Modelling and AI-Design
Photonic Metamaterials

Horizon Scanning and Disruptive Concepts
Industry / KTN