Dr Claire Dancer
University of Warwick

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ceramic processing, ball mill, furnace, polishing, SEM, XRD, TGA, DMTA, electrospinning, gel casting, extrusion, graded, functional graded materials, EDX, DSC, rheology, pressing, hot pressing, flash sintering, cold sintering

Scientific focus and expertise:
Manufacturing processes for ceramics and ceramic-polymer composites. I have experience in working on metamaterial systems and have a particular interest in the use of low temperature processing routes and production routes for graded materials.

Materials class:
ceramics, polymers, composites

Research challenge:
I am interested in finding metamaterial designs which have not yet been successfully realised which require new materials or manufacturing techniques to be constructed. I am particularly interested in those metamaterials which can be produced using only polymers and ceramic materials. I have a strong interest in the manufacturing of graded materials in particular.

Market Sector:
Communication, Electronics & Photonics, Energy, Healthcare, Infrastructure, Transport


Horizon Scanning and Disruptive Concepts
Industry / KTN
Outreach and Education

Challenge Areas:
Space & Aviation