Dr David Sory
Universirty of Oxford
Post-doctoral research associate

Hopkinson bar, gas gun, drop tower, universal testing machine, digital image correlation, DIC, PDV, photo Doppler velocimetry, optics, high speed photography, acoustic testing, non-destructive testing, fluorescence microscopy.

Scientific focus and expertise:
surface waves, shock, impact, experimental, ultra fast x-ray imaging, soft materials, biological materials, aerospace engineering, cellular mechanobiology, cell biomechanics, tissue engineering.

Materials class:
biomaterials (Medicine), biomaterials (Life Science), polymeric and rubber materials, metallurgy (manufacture and characterisation), welding, composite materials , powder materials

Research challenge:
I do have several scientific interests: - I would like to explore and understand the thermomechanical behaviour of Metamaterials in acute extreme conditions (cryogenic temperatures and high strain rates/shock loadings) as well as under different ageing treatments (intensity/time exposure to environmental agents: hydrothermal and radiative). - I would like to explore strategies to design and manufacture mechanically-relevant and bio-conducive/ bio-inductive Metamaterials for regenerative medicine and repair of cartilage and bone tissue. Ultimately, I would like to patent ideas and commercialise the most promising ideas from "bench to bed".

aerospace, regenerative medicine, design (failure), mitigation (shock), imaging (x-ray),

Market Sector:
Defence, Transport (aviation, automotive, space), Aerospace, Healthcare (tissue engineering)

Industry challenge:
Cross-disciplinary: the biggest challenge we are facing is to bridge fields and areas of expertise together. For instance: engineering, biology, business, clinicians. Both on the theoretical and practical aspects.

ECR (Early Career Researcher)

Special Interest Group(s):
Acoustic Metamaterials
Active Metamaterials
Manufacturing and Scale Up
Mechanical Metamaterials

Horizon Scanning and Disruptive Concepts
Industry / KTN
Outreach and Education

Challenge Areas:
Space and Aviation