Mr Joao Ferreira
Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology
Product Manager

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ICP RIE Etch, RIE, DEEP SI Etch, PECVD, ICPCVD, CVD, ALD, ALE, Ion Beam Deposition, Ion Beam Etch, RIBE. CAIBE

Scientific focus and expertise:
Plasma Processing, Plasma Etch, Plasma Deposition, Atomic scale processing

Materials class:
Semiconductors, compound semiconductors, 2D materials, dieletrics and metals,

Augmented Reality, Lasers, IR (sensors), HBLED, MEMS and Sensors, Power, RF, VCSEL, Quantum, SRG (Surface Relief Gratings)

Market Sector:
Communication (datacomms / lasers); Electronics & Photonics (Augmented Reality, Displays), Energy (power devices / automotive / RF devices)


Special Interest Group(s):
Active Metamaterials
Manufacturing and Scale Up
Photonic Metamaterials
Wireless and Microwave Metamaterials

Horizon Scanning and Disruptive Concepts
Industry / KTN