Mr Kevin Doyle
Squadron Six Aerospace Ltd.
Managing Director


mobile antenna, AOR 8200Mk3, 1030MHZ 1KW RADAR Source ,

Scientific focus and expertise:
Radar Absorbing Material (RAM), Practical construction of RAM panels for testing with UAV Swarms.

Materials class:

Research challenge:
Applying current RAM material to certified aerosapce panels. Testing RAM at frequencies above 1090GHz, eg for primary RADAR and X-band 8-12GHZ.

radar, antenna, RAM(RADAR Absorbing Material), coating, signature reduction

Market Sector:
Communication, Electronics & Photonics (UAV Swarm RAM)

Industry challenge:
Getting certifiable testing to prove the concept and getting aerospace certification to allow the material if approve carried on aircraft.

RTO (Research and Technology Organisations)

Special Interest Group(s):
Wireless and Microwave Metamaterials

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