Prof Marcello Ferrera
Heriot-Watt University
Associate Professor

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Optical characterisation of materials (thin films) and devices (integrated components) in both linear and nonlinear regime.

Scientific focus and expertise:
Nonlinear optics, integrated photonics, metamaterials, plasmonics, quantum optics, ultra-fast physics, optical computing

Materials class:
III-V, Conductive Oxides, 2D materials, silicon nitride

Research challenge:
Research focus: Ultra-fast all-optical control of VIS-NIR radiations.

logic units, modulators, switches, metasurfaces, computational materials, low-loss optical busses and connectors (passive devices), active waveguides, resonant cavities, photonic crystals.

Market Sector:
Communication, Electronics & Photonics, Energy, Healthcare

Industry challenge:
The key challenge is to overcome/mitigate fundamental limitations of integrated all-optical devices, namely power consumption, miniaturisation, and operational bandwidth.


Special Interest Group(s):
Active Metamaterials
Modelling and AI-Design
Photonic Metamaterials

Outreach and Education