Dr Miguel Navarro-Cía
University of Birmingham
Reader in THz Science and Engineering

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Toptica TeraFlash Pro Dual time-domain spectrometer, TERA K15 time-domain terahertz spectrometer, Keysight N5247B PNA-X with VDI frequency extenders until 1.1 THz, Mai Tai ultrafast Ti:Sapphire laser + Inspire OPO fs laser, Fianium supercontinuum laser, Cobolt Rumba 1064 nm CW laser, He – Ne CW laser, millimetre-wave IMPATT diodes, Vertex 70/70v FTIR spectrometer with HYPERION 1000 Microscope, Andor SR-500 spectrometer with EMCDD/PMT, Keysight PNA-L N5234B, Keysight PNA-L N5232A, HP 3585A Spectrum Analyzer, PSV-400 Scanning Vibrometer, TeraSense Tera-1024, Ophir Pyrocam IV, Nanoscribe’s Photonic Professional, EMS150R S Rotary Pumped Sputter Coating System, RoVa3D 5 Extruder 3D Printer

Scientific focus and expertise:
Terahertz, metamaterials, plasmonics, antennas, frequency selective surfaces, metasurface, conformal transformation, modelling, spectroscopy

Materials class:
Metasurface, metals, phase-change materials

Antennas, biomedical imaging, spectroscopy

Market Sector:
Healthcare, defence and security

ECR (Early Career Researcher)

Special Interest Group(s):
Wireless and Microwave Metamaterials

Horizon Scanning and Disruptive Concepts

Challenge Areas:
Space and Aviation