Dr Saleem Shaik
IIT Kanpur


SEM, FESEM, XRD, NSOM, AFM, Fluroscence measurements, Laser interference Lithography, Lasing set up

Scientific focus and expertise:
Plasmonics, nano fabrication, Meta materials, Photonic crystals, 2D monolayer materials and photonic applications

Materials class:
Composites, metals, dielectrics, Semiconductor nanowires, liquids, electronic components

Research challenge:
Plasmonic Integrated circuits to revolutionize Silicon Indistry, Graphene Nano opto electronics, Meta devices for defence and space applications

Data storage, computing, sensing, space applications - components, energy harvesting, detectors, opto- electronic devices

Market Sector:
Electronics and Photonics, infrastructure, communication, Energy, Health care

Industry challenge:
Chip- chip communication for high speed data transfer, smart and light materials for space applications, and fir electronic industry. Yes Metamaterials are absolutely useful.

PGR (Post-Graduate Researcher)

Special Interest Group(s):
Active Metamaterials
Flexible and Conformable Metasurfaces
Nanophotonic and Plasmonic Metamaterials
Wireless and Microwave Metamaterials

Industry / KTN
Outreach and Education