Dr Victor Pacheco-Peña
School of Mathematics Statistics and Physics, Newcastle University
Newcastle University Research Fellow (Fellowship Holder)

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Scientific focus and expertise:
Plasmonics, Metamaterials, Metasurfaces, Light-matter interactions, dielectric metasurfaces, Terahertz, time-dependent metamaterials, spatiotemporal metamaterials, optics, nanophotonics, computing, PT symmetric systems.

Antennas, computing, beam shaping, imaging, lenses, holography, PT symmetry, sensing

Market Sector:
Electronics & Photonics, Emerging technologies.

ECR (Early Career Researcher)

Special Interest Group(s):
Active Metamaterials
Modelling and AI-Design
Photonic Metamaterials
Wireless and Microwave Metamaterials

Early Careers
Horizon Scanning and Disruptive Concepts
Industry / KTN
Outreach and Education