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Over the last few decades, there has been a growing global awareness of the importance of mitigating and combatting climate change. The Sustainability Challenge has the task of ensuring that metamaterial development does not come at a cost to the environment whilst also identifying how metamaterials can play an active role in safeguarding the future of the natural environment.

The Sustainability Challenge is divided into two main themes. The first is energy which is devoted to how metamaterials can be used within the entire energy process from generation and conversion to storage and improving efficiency. Examples of work in this theme includes RF energy harvesting metamaterials and using mechanical metamaterials to harness vibrational energy.

The second theme is environmental impact which considers the role of metamaterials in ensuring that the future of the planet is not compromised by human activities. This field encompasses a broad range of works such as using reconfigurable metamaterials to reduce the waste caused by needing several specialised devices, using the structural properties of metamaterials to reduce the size of products, or by designing metamaterial alternatives to rare-earth materials.

By bringing together representatives across academia, industry, funding agencies and other partners, we believe metamaterials can have an incredible influence in an area that concerns the entire planet.


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Sustainability Lead(s)

Katie Shanks
University of Exeter

There are currently 53 Sustainability members in our Expert Database

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ali fallah

Sabanci univeristy

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Arseny Alexeev

Snap Inc. (WaveOptics)

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Charles de Kergariou

University of Bristol

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Chikwesiri Imediegwu

Imperial College London

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David Sory

Universirty of Oxford

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Dimitrios Lamprou

Queen's University Belfast

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Dmitry Isakov

WMG, University of Warwick

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Emelia Funnell

Ida Sports

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Gabrielis Cerniauskas

University of Edinburgh

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Gemma Leslie

The University of Manchester

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Iman Mohagheghian

University of Surrey

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Jean-Sebastien Bouillard

University of Hull

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Joseph Palmer

University of Sheffield AMRC

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Jun-Yu (Bruce) Ou

University of Southampton

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Kd M Raziul Islam

Ulster university

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Lei Xu

Nottingham Trent University

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Letizia Chisari

University of Sussex

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Mahmoud Wagih

University of Glasgow

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Manoj Kumar Dhadwal

Technical University of Denmark

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Mohit Awasthi

Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur India

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Mostafa Ranjbar

University of Cranfield

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Oliver Nelson-Dummett

University of Nottingham

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Raja Zulkarnain

University of Milan

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Sandeep Kumar

Indian Institute of Technology (BHU), Varanasi

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Sherjeel Khan

Silicon Austria Labs GmbH

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Shwe Soe

University of the West of England

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Wai Kit Lam

University of Sheffield, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

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Yuttana Intaravanne

National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA)

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  • Date: 11 Jun - 15 Jun 2023
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  • Registration deadline: 31 March 2023
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