The aim of UK Metamaterials Network is to develop a self-sustaining metamaterials eco-system in the UK, linked to the Network’s Special Interest Groups and the four Challenge Areas (Health, Sustainability, Manufacturing & Scale-up, and Space & Aviation). It proposes to tackle these challenges, alongside industry, through a Pump Prime Fund which would enable research projects to drive forward the preliminary work necessary for large-scale research-grant proposals; and for projects with a significant effect on the profile and impact of metamaterials in the UK.  

The EPSRC award to Network will benefit researchers across the metamaterials community. The range of interests and disciplines of members within the UK metamaterial community provides a productive and creative environment for cross-fertilisation of ideas and initiatives. The Network aims to drive new fundamental and discovery-led research, and also support new, exciting translational research with real industrial application, societal potential. Ultimately the ambition is to promote and accelerate large-scale proposals for follow-on research funding. The Network funding does not replace existing funding rounds from UKRI, but instead seeks to support and encourage embryonic ideas, and new collaborations, with great potential that might otherwise not develop.  

Full details of the funding governance including how to apply for each funding stream (in detail) may be found here.

Access Fund

The Access Fund is available to eligible Network members to enable attendance at Network activities where financial barriers would otherwise prevent the engagement of members. Applicants are asked to email the UK Metamaterials Network team at for further details. Applicants may apply to this fund prior to a Network event.


Discretionary Fund

Closed to applications.

The discretionary fund provides a route for the Executive Board to support strategic activities that are beyond those originally conceived and benefit the Network’s vision and objectives. It is anticipated that funding requests will not normally be over £2,500 in cost, but in exceptional cases may be higher, and will exclude activities that can be funded via other routes.  

Typical activities considered for this funding may include the establishment of new groups or events that do not directly fit into any existing grouping, such as topical colloquia and sandpits in new areas, or might also include additional funds for existing activities, opportunities for group training, or focused efforts on meeting a short-term ambition/activity.  

To apply please contact a member of the Executive Board or email


Pump Prime Fund

Closed to applications.

Details to be announced. This fund is expected to open to applications in October 2024. The proposed dates for the EoIs will be the 1st Monday of the months of October and March. The Network anticipates awarding two PP grants per funding round, with room for additional grants in exceptional cases.

The Pump Prime funding forms the funding stream for the largest projects provided by the Network. Grants from the PP funding are valued at 80% FEC, the Network’s contribution will typically be £40,000–£50,000. Applicants must seek approval from their institutional research development team prior to applying to the PP. For further details including eligibility, how to apply and the reporting requirements. applicants are requested to review the funding governance documentation.

The Network aims to distribute these funds to support the development of projects with a pathway to applications for large-scale grant funding.  These funds will support the aims and objectives of the Network. Successful proposals will clearly demonstrate the potential to develop into larger scale bids for funding or impact development.


Small Grants Fund

Open to applications.

The Small Grants fund covers all applications typically of up to £5,000 funded, but in exceptional cases higher. The funding will be made to an individual member of the Network, according to standard EPSRC eligibility.

PhD students who are members the Network may bid for funding from the Small Grants fund. Applications from PhD students require a confirmation of support from one of the following: the PhD student’s supervisor, Head of Department, or Director of Studies.

The written applications supplied through the online form will be reviewed by the Executive Board. The Executive Board will determine whether to fund these proposals or not by a majority vote of the board following the Terms of Reference of the Executive Board for any decision-making process.

Please read the funding governance for full details of eligibility, how to apply and the reporting requirements.

Please apply via the form found here.