UKMMN Metamaterial Picture Competition 2022

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Image credit: Dina Fouad

The image displays different bone-like porous designs of metal 3D printed meta-biomaterial for medical implants. 3D printing offers a fascinating processing ability and design freedom that enabled the manufacturing of these intricate structures tailored to modulate both the mechanical and biological properties of Titanium implants in such a way that mimics the porous anatomy of human bone. Owing to their architected geometries, these meta-biomaterials present significant advantages over conventional structures due to their unique characteristics such as high strength-to-weight ratios and surface area-to-volume ratios which do not only tailor mechanical properties of typically stiff bio-metallic material to match that of the bone but they, also, facilitate biological functions by providing a porous media for nutrients transport and blood vessel growth. This would ultimately improve patient recovery and implant longevity offering exciting ‘meta’ opportunities for the healthcare sector to provide better patient care and efficient solutions which aim to elevate common problems associated with current practices in the medical implant industry.

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