External Advisory Board

The External Advisory Board (EAB) of the UK Metamaterials Network consists of national and international representative from academia, governmental agencies and industry with a diverse set of knowledge and expertise.

The role of the EAB is to provide advice on strategic direction and activities for both the EPSRC UK Metamaterials Network and the KTN Metamaterials Innovation Network.

This will include

The EAB members are appointed until the end of the EPSRC UK Metamaterials Network award (February 2024) with an expectation to meet 1-2 times per calendar year.

Current membership

The meeting discussions are non-confidential unless stated otherwise, i.e. contents can be shared outside of the meetings if deemed beneficial to the metamaterials community.

If confidentiality is required on a specific item to enable an open discussion, any documentation or other information provided on the matter and the subsequent discussion itself will be treated as confidential by all EAB and network leadership team members, unless the confidentiality requesting party agreed to sharing the content.