Leadership Team

At present, the Network is being led by Prof Alastair Hibbins (University of Exeter) and Dr Claire Dancer (Warwick Manufacturing Group, University of Warwick) as academic investigators alongside a multi-institutional leadership team.

The Network activities are steered by a leadership team consisting of the respective award leads and representatives from academia and industry who lead on the Special Interest Groups (SIGs), Forums and Challenge Areas.

The SIGs are dedicated to foster relationships around dedicated scientific areas within and across academia, industry, governmental agencies etc, while the Forums provide a platform for cross-SIG interactions for activities targeted at Outreach, Industry push & pull, and Horizon Scanning (disruptive concepts; blue skies research). The Challenge Areas are devoted to investigating the potential of metamaterials to provide practical application to societal challenges with global impact.

Network Leadership Team

Andrew Alderson
Sheffield Hallam University

Tom Allen
Manchester Metropolitan University

Thomas Bassett
MBDA Systems

Gregory Chaplain
University of Exeter

Claire Dancer
University of Warwick

Bryn Davies
Imperial College London

Oliver Duncan
Manchester Metropolitan University

Andrea di Falco
University of St Andrews

Nicholas Grant
University of Warwick

Stephen Henthorn
University of Sheffield

Alastair Hibbins
University of Exeter

Jisun Im
University of Warwick

Mitchell Kenney
University of Nottingham

Felix Langfeldt
University of Southampton

Owen Lozman
M.Ventures | Merck

Miguel Navarro-Cía
University of Birmingham

David Newman
University of Exeter

Rupert Oulton
Imperial College London

Simon Pope
University of Sheffield

Alex Powell
University of Exeter

Diane Roth

Sebastian Schulz
University of St Andrews

Katie Shanks
University of Exeter

Anton Souslov
University of Cambridge

Stefan Szyniszewski
Durham University

Jamie Williams
National Physical Laboratory (NPL)

Ian Youngs